Common Stereotypes and Misconceptions That Surround Drug Addiction and Recovery

It is not really a very long period of time before someone becomes physically addicted to drugs. The drugs will change the way the brain works as well as the composition of their blood. The person then becomes dependent on the drug and will be obsessed with getting more. Because of this, it can be said that the first time drugs were used was a voluntary action. However, the addictive substances in the drugs take over making it close to impossible for the user to stop.Another stereotype that surrounds drug addiction is that those who take drugs are terrible people. More often than not, the person who is addicted to drugs has an addictive personality making him predisposed to becoming addicted. It doesn’t matter what the drug is. The effect on the brain is the same. As soon as addictive substances start to affect the brain, the person will have a physical and mental desire for more drugs. That need will take over and nothing else will matter. The addiction is not a terrible person’s disease. Although addicts often show erratic behavior, those who are predisposed to addiction do not necessarily have disturbing characteristics. Drug addiction can happen to everyone.Among the most common misconception related to drug addiction is that no treatment will work unless the addicted wants it to work. Most drug addicts will say that they do not want treatment and many people who are addicted to drugs will enter a drug rehabilitation facility because they are forced to by a court or their families. Actual studies around this show that the reason why a person enters a treatment facility really does not matter. If the program is thorough and is actually effective, there is no reason why a person who initially did not want treatment cannot successfully go through the program and recover.One of the saddest myths us that people who are addicted to drugs are a waste of time and effort. Addiction is a disease and it is something that the addict will suffer from if there is no help and support available. No one should be considered a hopeless case. There are many addicts who move past their addiction and go on to lead very productive lives. Moving past an addiction can be something that is very difficult to go through. However, living with an addiction is surely much harder.

Tips To Market Translation Services

Translation services are in demand globally. There are several professionals, students, house wives and part time workers who have chosen translation services as their career or a source of second income. Like every other profession, translators are faced with the challenge of expanding their business. Best way to expand one’s business and earn a substantial amount of money is to market his or her translation services effectively. It is indispensable for every translator to get noticed by the agencies and potential clients. One must use different strategies to market his or her talent and expertise. Here, are few tips that can help independent translators to get more business.Research: It is essential that the translator approaches right target audience. One must research about different agencies that offer work in combination of languages that match the translator’s skills. For example, if the translator is expert in French and English then he or she should approach agencies based in European countries for business.Marketing pitch: Sales pitch is one of the most vital elements of any marketing campaign. Translators should create a well defined sales pitch that highlights their strengths, core competencies and previous work experience. Sales pitch should also speak about quality, timely delivery and error free translations. Ensure that the sales pitch is in sync with business ethics of the target country. Refrain from using excessive images or copyright text from other sources as it reflects poorly on the translator’s image.Niche Marketing: Independent professionals who have in depth knowledge of any field should approach agencies that deal in similar projects. For example, translators with medical background can approach medical translation agency and translators with commerce background can approach a financial translation agency for projects. Entering niche segment increases one’s chances of bagging a project.Communicate: Once the translator has created a list of target agencies, it is time to send out sales pitch along with the updated resume. It is essential that the translator follows up with the relevant agencies to know their feedback. One must also work towards increasing his or her visibility by being an active participant in translation forums.Monitor the campaign: It is vital that the translators keep a track of responses from different agencies. It is best to maintain an ‘excel sheet’ or use software that helps in tracking responses, project details, payment details etc. This ensures that there are no loop holes in communication. One can market their services effectively by using the above-mentioned tips.

Federal Debt Relief Help – The Impact of Federal Stimulus Money on the Debt Relief Industry

If the boom in the economy brought investment bankers and financial experts to the forefront, the stimulus package introduced to encourage the American economy to climb out of the hole it had fallen into has brought the debt relief industry into focus. Debt settlement has been around for more than 20 years.How would you feel if you were ignored for 20 years of your life and you were suddenly a hero to whom everybody looked up to all of a sudden? Needless to say, it would be disconcerting. That is exactly what has happened with the debt relief industry. The Federal stimulus package aimed at helping institutions that were too big to fail inadvertently set of a huge race for personal debt relief as well.As on date, you can secure fantastic relief from your credit card issuers solely on the basis of the stimulus package and the desire to avoid bankruptcy. You just have to owe more than $10,000 in debt and should be defaulting on your debt on a regular basis.If this is done, you will automatically qualify for fantastic debt relief. It is just a question of formal negotiation with the credit card issuer and your job will be done.Of course, all this has pointed out the flaws and the shortcomings in the debt relief industry as well. There is no Federal law that governs the debt- settlement industry.Further, internal regulatory bodies like the Association of Settlement Companies are not well known. The end result is that people are ready to believe any and everything that fraudulent service providers are prepared to say.In such a scenario, you should make use of the World Wide Web and rely on online resources to find the best debt relief service provider. The last thing you want is to end up in a financial trap despite having fantastic resources in your hand.This will be possible only if you make proper use of the web and identify debt relief services as quickly as possible.Finally, remember that the stimulus package is just one of the many factors being considered by the government as far as personal and business debt relief is concerned.From tax breaks to long term deficit of the government, there are many factors involved. Hence, you cannot afford to dawdle. You must take remedial action as soon as possible so that you are free of debts as early as possible.

Open Your Eyes and Ears

I recently read an article by a “former Christian,” that stated that the Bible was in error. I believe the quote he cited was from Luke 9:27, “But I tell you truly, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.”He cites other scriptures, but fails to cite Luke 17:20-21, “Being asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming, he answered them, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Lo, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.”The author of that other article states that the end times should have come before now, since Christ said that “there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God,” but let me suggest the following interpretation of that passage.Could it not be that Christ was speaking of his own rising from the dead and then his ascension into Heaven on that instance? OR, could he have been speaking of the true understanding that comes prior to death, when many people speak of the dying obtaining a visage of peace? Perhaps he meant that they would truly understand the kingdom before they died. Could that be? Especially, when he says “behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.”An oft cited exhortation in the Bible is, “Let he who has ears hear and who has eyes see.” Now, this is not speaking of the physical eyes and ears, but of the spiritual eyes and ears. Those that let into the very heart of the soul and intrepret the Scriptures to the soul.The end times are not the way to keep the faith, nor is a wrong interpretation on our parts reason to believe the Bible is wrong. If one does not listen to the Scriptures with the ears of the spirit, the physical mind is incapable of truly interpreting what is being said. It can only judge what is said from its experiences here in the body, but what is needed is to let the spirit interpret these things from its experiences with higher things.It is my belief that the spirit is a type of energy that has existed since the beginning. Even from before time was counted. That it resides in the flesh in these days does not stop it from knowing more than the fleshly body and brain. If spirit is allowed to interpret the words in the Bible to the inner person and thus to the outer person, then the knowledge will be true. But, if we insist on interpreting from the flesh to the spirit, the knowledge will be false.If you are seeking knowledge of the kingdom of God, seek it first in the spirit and you will see it all around you. If you are seeking the knowledge of the end times, just to make sure you’re ready, well, look to Jerusalem. When it is surrounded by armies it is time to really get ready. But, then, again, we of the flesh cannot truly know when the end is near, so we must be ready at all times.Behave as though the end is immenent and you will be prepared when it comes; whenever it comes. For the person that wrote the article calling the Bible wrong, I shall pray that your spiritual eyes and ears are opened to the true knowledge of the scriptures and the kingdom of God.